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Syrve Case Study (ex iiko)

Globalisation of Russian POS provider including repositioning and rebranding for the
international markets using Revenue Operations, Revamped Partner Program &
implementation built on the HubSpot Enterprise CRM suite.

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About Syrve

Syrve is a comprehensive POS and Restaurant Management Software solutions that can be tailored to your needs and specialises in helping bars, restaurants, takeaways, and other hospitality businesses achieve more with less.

Syrve's POS system provides a streamline system that can run your entire operation with one platform, from Front of House to Back of house, to Above Store & the Head Office to Ecommerce.

Read how we assisted the executive management team and regional heads across five countries to restructure their brand, and put in the foundations of a revenue operations framework that provides Syrve with a platform to scale globally.

The Challenge

As an established SaaS POS provider, the brand iiko despite it being well known in Russia and its neighbouring CIS regions, it had a less mature presence in the MENA, Italian and UK markets despite its local office.

With the unfortunate situation around the Russian and Ukraine conflict in early 2022, iiko as an organization and as a brand had to evolve to provide a platform to scale globally. Iiko being part of a Revenue Operations implementation had to adapt fast. 

The environment required a mid-implementation pivot including:

  • New Brand (iiko to Syrve)

  • New Messaging

  • New Online presence and brand collateral

  • New Partner program redesign

The iiko Russian and international management teams were outstanding during these immensely difficult times, supporting their own team, its relocation and continued commitment to globalisation and rebranding.

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The Process

As with any RevOps implementation, we started with a ‘strategy precedes everything’ approach. 

After auditing each region's operations, assets and systems we engaged in a series of workshops. 

Through these workshops, we created for each of the regions in Italy, the Middle East and the UK their Ideal Client Profiles, Personas, and revamped their buyer and customer journeys.

Further workshops were undertaken to create the value proposition of ‘Success Built In’ which embodies the value of and a wealth of hospitality experience embedded in the SaaS platform.

Workshops to revamp the basic partner program were completed with a globalized partner program being designed,

Further workshops helped the management team revamp their organization's mission, vision and culture with the Syrve CMO building a messaging framework, and brand identity supported by an external brand agency Pace Comms.

From this wider strategy, the new CMS Growth Driven Design website was designed and built on the HubSpot CMS in three languages and regions (MENA) (UK) and (Italy).

Utilizing the upgraded HubSpot Enterprise CRM suite alignment of sales to market was achieved with an automated pipeline, sales sequences and ABM campaigns supported by Paid Search.

Supported by a ServiceHub Knowledge base to assist existing clients accessing information 24/7 completed the alignment.

Tech upgrades included a region-focused and customized HubSpot CRM for globalization for individual teams, with permission sets and team partitioning, supported with custom integration to the Xero app marketplace.    

The process we undertook is to establish a base language English approach to all strategies, content and assets including blog, social and email content.

A total of 32 lead-generation funnels, supported by short and long-term nurture sequences, were created to link to the Growth Driven Design website.

Syrve - CS - Timeline - Image 1
Audit of Operations, by Region
Stage 1
Syrve - CS - Timeline - Image 2
Audit of Assets & Systems
Stage 2
Syrve - CS - Timeline - Image 3
Creation of Ideal Client Profiles by region (UK, Middle East & Italy)
Stage 3
Syrve - CS - Timeline - Image 4
Creation of Personas, by Region
Stage 4
Syrve - CS - Timeline - Image 5
Revamp of Buyer & Customer Journey
Stage 5
Syrve - CS - Timeline - Image 6
Creation of Value Proposition 'Success Built-In'
Stage 6
Syrve - CS - Timeline - Image 7
Workshops to Revamp Partner Program into Globalized Partnership
Stage 7
Syrve - CS - Timeline - Image 8
Workshop to Revamp Vision, Mission & Culture
Stage 8
Syrve - CS - Timeline - Image 9
Utilizing HubSpot Enterprise CRM to Sales with Automated Pipeline, Sales Sequences & ABM Campaigns
Stage 9
Syrve - CS - Timeline - Image 10
Creation of Service Hub Knowledge Base
Stage 10
Syrve - CS - Timeline - Image 11
Customized HubSpot CRM with Focus on Segmentation and Region-Specific Data with Permission Sets, Team Views and Partitioning
Stage 11
630 - CS - Syrve - Image 3

The Results

The foundation of RevOps was achieved over the first 18 months (despite almost 6 months) with severe restrictions as a result of the relocation from Russia, and rebranding to the Europe and MENA region.

Each region has a CMS and CRM-centered led framework to build upon with the Syrve internal marketing, sales and client success teams.

See how Syrve can assist you with their all-in-one restaurant management system.

Key Outcomes

From a disparate regionalised model, Syrve now has an internationally scalable brand, centralized one source of truth HubSpot CRM platform, and international RevOps foundation framework implemented.

A clearer value proposition with automation serving the buyer and client journey.


% Multi-Regional RevOps Platform Implemented


% Traffic Increase


% Aligned Teams


% HubSpot Enterprise Implement

Partnering with 6teen30 has been an eye-opener, especially as the CMO of iiko (now Syrve), an international restaurant SaaS company.

Their deep knowledge in RevOps, shown through the inbound strategy, HubSpot setup, and making of a multi-territory website and underlying operational procedures, reflects how committed they are to our company and its goals.

Despite challenges, they’ve been dependable with their expertise, skills, and tools. One big win from our collaboration is the successful rebranding of iiko international operations to Syrve.

If your company is thinking about RevOps seriously, 6teen30 is a solid choice, dedicated to growth and genuinely interested in ensuring ongoing success.

Simon Dadswell
CMO, Syrve
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