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Be Strategic.

With A Go To Market Strategy GamePlan
GTM Engineering

Transform your vision into action through our Strategic GamePlan workshops.
As your North Star, the GamePlan is a blueprint to build your RevOps machine automation, 
aligning your revenue teams around a unified strategy.

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30-45 Day Strategic Workshops

Complete 9 workshops online or with our strategic guidance to benchmark your organization.

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Adopt Your Strategic GamePlan

Secure team buy in and collaboratively, design & approve your new GTM RevOps Strategy.

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Choose Your Machine & Growth Execution

PLG/SLG or combined GTM models for your HubSpot machine automation to align your customer journey.

RevOps Strategy Success On Your Terms

Elevate your RevOps strategy with two flexible approaches to our Strategic GTM Engineering GamePlan workshops. Choose our online LMS guided path for self-driven progress with strategic check-ins, or opt for a collaborative 'Done With You' workshop model, working side by side with our dedicated RevOps strategists.

Each method is designed to benchmark your organization's core areas—team, processes, data, and technology—while we pinpoint friction points, develop key personas and ideal client profiles, and set SLAs and SMART goals. Transform your marketing, sales, and customer success processes to quickly create your RevOps Machine automation blueprint.

Go To Market Strategy 1
Business Model, People, Data & Tech Workshops

Start off fast with the following 3 workshops:

Workshop 1:
Business Model Review & Setting SMART Goals OKRs, Departmental Key Numbers, Create New Vision & Mission

Workshop 2:
Internal RevOps Champion + Team Skills, Responsibilities Assessment

Workshop 3:
Data & Tech Stack Evaluation

Attendees: Your C Suite + RevOps Champion
Total Time Investment: 8-12 hrs 

Week 1
Go To Market Strategy 2
SLA & Friction Finder Workshops

3 further workshops in Week 2 formulate SLAs, finds friction and aligns your teams with SLAs:

Workshop 4:
Persona and Ideal Client Profile Identification and Creation for your core audience segment and solution

Workshop 5:
Friction Finder - Evaluate Your Current PLG or SLG Processes Throughout The Customer Journey

Workshop 6:
Sales & Marketing SLA + Key Metrics Adoption, Marketing & Sales Velocity Alignment Calculations

Attendees: Your CMO,CRO, COO + RevOps Champion
Total Time Investment: 8-12 hrs 

Week 2
Go To Market Strategy 3
Customer Journey Process Creation Workshops

3 workshops to create your new processes to increase positive force and velocity through your Marketing, Sales & Client Success Process:

Workshop 7:
Marketing Process - Buyer's Journey

Workshop 8:
SLG / PLG Sales Process - Pipeline Stages

Workshop 9:
Client Success Process - Customer Journey

Attendees: Your C Suite + RevOps Champion
Total Time Investment: 8-12 hrs 

Week 3
Go To Market Strategy 4
GamePlan Review & Adoption Workshop

Your RevOps strategist will evaluate your workshops and assist in creating your Strategic GamePlan, making recommendations ready to present to you in your final workshop, including a choice of Strategic GTM HubSpot Machine and Growth Execution implementation options.

Workshop 10: [6teen30 Internal assignment]
LMS only GamePlan Creation Assistance or Done for You option with a Personalized GamePlan Reveal Session including RevOps Recommendations and Q&A

Attendees: C Suite + RevOps Champion
Total Time Investment: 2-4 hrs 

Week 4

Tailored to Your Business, Ready to Launch with Confidence

Streamline your growth journey with a strategic RevOps GamePlan tailored to your ambitions.

Our team is ready to collaborate or lead in crafting a blueprint that not just aligns with your business model but also targets your specific SMART goals for scale-up success.

Whether you're leaning towards SLG, PLG, or a blend. This blueprint will steer your RevOps Machine construction, ensuring seamless automation of your client journey - plus we will recommend the most suitable Growth Execution implementation plan, from self-managed to fully managed options, including RevOps Professional Projects and ROaaS, to propel your strategic ambitions into reality.


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Invest in Your Growth with Our GamePlan:

Ready to achieve your growth and scale-up ambitions? Choose the GamePlan that aligns with the size of your organization and check out securely and safely with Stripe. Our tailored solutions are designed to help you optimize your operations, streamline your processes, and achieve reliable month-over-month growth. Don’t wait – invest in your success with 6teen30 today.

Ready to Accelerate Your Scale-Up Growth with RevOps? Simply Choose a Convenient Date and Time:
Meet Mike, your RevOps Strategist!

Let’s talk about transforming your ideas into scale-up success, schedule a 30-minute discovery call today.

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