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Unlock Success with Fractional
GTM & RevOps Solutions

From boardroom to engine room, all-in-one solutions and
service packages meet the most demanding SaaS goals

What Are Fractional RevOps& GTM Teams?

Fractional RevOps and GTM teams provide on-demand expertise and skills, accelerating recruitment and improving time to value by enhancing operational efficiency at a lower cost.
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Diverse Expertise

Benefit from a broad range of skills and experience that outperforms a single senior RevOps or GTM Leadership hire 

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Flexible & Scalable

Engage cost-effectively with a full team, scaling up or down as your business needs change, avoiding unnecessary advisor expenses

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Achieve cost-effective solutions with fractional teams, delivering more value and flexibility than the cost of a single senior full-time hire

Our Proven Framework, What You Can Expect

RevOps Framework Icons Dark Blue_Assignments


RevOps Framework Icons Dark Blue_Methodology


RevOps Framework Icons Dark Blue_The Board Room

The Board Room

RevOps Framework Icons Dark Blue V2_Engine Room

The Engine Room

RevOps Framework Icons Dark Blue_Quarterly OKRs

Quarterly OKRs

How We Engage

Our engagement process begins with a thorough assessment of your business model, strategy, and GTM cycle stage.

  • Flexible engagements from 6-36 months
  • Rapid deployment of expert teams
  • Clear timelines with quarterly billing linked to outcomes
  • Options for financial remuneration only, or a mix to include equity, and performance bonuses.
630 - PAaaS - Image 2 - Account Manager

The First 90 Days

Our structured 90-day plan includes workshops, benchmarking, and strategic sessions

  • Detailed initial assessment and strategy alignment
  • Hands-on workshops to address key challenges and friction
  • Clear roadmap for success, including financial modeling & data analytics metrics
  • Adoption of board-approved GTM GamePlan
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How We Guide & Support

Strategic guidance, board meeting support and board coaching, inc introductions to other C-suite specialists

  • Strategic advice backed by data
  • Management team coaching and increased governance
  • Board meeting attendance
  • Preparation and fundraising support
  • Liaison with existing Angel VC funders and stakeholders (if applicable)
630 - FRO - Execution

How We Get Stuff Done

Operational support focuses on process optimization and executing GTM motions throughout the customer journey

  • Streamlined processes and improved efficiency
  • Cutting-edge automation and tech solutions with API integrations
  • Consistent execution and optimization of GTM motions aligned with business goals
  • Training and skill transfer to your team.
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Ongoing Objectives and Outcomes

Introducing new, optimizing and adjusting existing GTM motions to ensure alignment with your evolving business goals

  • Regular evaluation and realignment of strategies based on data
  • Flexible, adaptive support that scales with your business needs
  • Focused quarterly goals to drive continuous improvement and success against the GamePlan
  • Alignment checking on SLAs between revenue teams metrics
630 - FtMM - Engagement Flexibility

Unlock High-Level C-Suite Expertise

Gain the advantage of a RevOps GTM Director with 20+ years of C-suite and venture capital experience. Our directors provide strategic guidance, board coaching, and fundraising preparation, embedded in every plan.

Fractional RevOps GTM - Executive Leadership
Fractional RevOps GTM - Performance Analytics as a Service

Confident Decision Making

Empower your organization with real-time, data-driven insights supported by data modeling, hygiene and intuitive dashboards using Databox, providing visibility into critical metrics across the customer journey and wider business performance.

The Foundation of Your
GTM RevOps Strategy

Develop a robust GTM and RevOps strategy with our 30-day, 9-workshop GamePlan. Benchmark your team, processes, data, and tech to identify and address friction points, refine buyer personas, and craft ideal client profiles. 

Fractional RevOps GTM - GTM Strategic Gameplan

Schedule a Fractional GTM Evaluation Call

Discover how our Fractional GTM services can drive your success. In this evaluation and demonstration call, we will cover:

  • Business Overview: Introduction and identification of your GTM stage
  • Challenges and Goals: Discuss current challenges and plan future goals
  • Process Walkthrough: Explore our GTM and RevOps processes
  • Service Recommendations: Tailored suggestions for Fractional Services to help deliver your goals 
  • Investment Review: Review of investment model options.
A successful outcome in 60 minutes ensures we are a good fit, understand your challenges, set realistic goals, demonstrate our process, and introduce our Fractional Services and investment options.

Ready to take the first no obligation step?

Fractional RevOps GTM - GTM Process Maps & Automation

Unlock Your
Go-to-Market Potential

Align your customer journey with state-of-the-art process mapping blueprints and a HubSpot RevOps Machine build.

Supporting both PLG and SLG strategies, offering flexibility and seamless integration into your existing or revamped tech stack and application.

Unlocking Tangible GTM RevOps Outcomes

Quarterly focuses on business outcomes to address your organization's key initiatives from the strategic GamePlan.

With flexible velocity options, work on single, dual, or multiple initiatives simultaneously, benefiting from fixed budgeting and guaranteed outcomes to maintain agility and accelerate growth.

Fractional RevOps GTM - RevOps Professional Projects
Fractional RevOps GTM - RevOps as a Service

Increasing Your GTM
Motions Velocity 

No internal team, no problem, Executing your GamePlan and optimizing revenue generation throughout the customer journey.

Partnering daily, our data-centric RevOps pros act as an extension of your internal management team, executing strategies across web, marketing, sales, and client success campaigns, as well as managing your HubSpot tech stack, all at a fraction of the cost of internal hires.

A Smart CRM & One Source of Truth

Leverage HubSpot, the world’s leading CRM suite for growth and scale-up organizations.

Included in your Fractional agreement, you gain access to the HubSpot CRM suite at the Professional or Enterprise subscription level*, ensuring a centralized system and a single source of truth for all your GTM RevOps needs

*additional contact charges and integrations may apply

Fractional RevOps GTM - HubSpot RevOps Tech Stack

Fractional GTM RevOps Packages

Choose from one of our three flexible packages, from early stage through to scale ups, there is a package to meet your needs, all include HubSpot Customer Platforms. Need a custom solution, schedule a evaluation call.

Interested in an Equity & Performance Engagement?

We recognize that early-stage businesses often lack cash flow and require our expertise. Our fractional services for qualifying organizations include a blend of equity, performance bonuses, and reduced monthly retainers, providing essential support with lower initial cash outlay.

Client Testimonials

Client Logos_Syrve

Partnering with 6teen30 has been an eye-opener, especially as the CMO of iiko (now Syrve), an international restaurant SaaS company.

Their deep knowledge in RevOps, shown through the inbound strategy, HubSpot setup, and making of a multi-territory website and underlying operational procedures, reflects how committed they are to our company and its goals.

Despite challenges, they’ve been dependable with their expertise, skills, and tools. One big win from our collaboration is the successful rebranding of iiko international operations to Syrve.

If your company is thinking about RevOps seriously, 6teen30 is a solid choice, dedicated to growth and genuinely interested in ensuring ongoing success.

Simon Dadswell
Chief Marketing Officer: Syrve

Client Logos_EasyExport

I recommend 6teen30 to anyone who needs a RevOps Firm that will not only drive the bus, but also map out the route and point out the significant landmarks.

With 6teen30, one gets a highly talented and professional growth team – plus Mike’s strategic direction. Mike’s recommendations for structuring our first promotion were so successful at bringing in new customers that I have adopted the same technique to closing every sale.

Beyond Mike, the rest of the team is incredibly dedicated to their work and delightful to work with. Jamie coordinates them like the experienced maestro he is, ensuring the delivery of intricately structured campaigns with every piece in place.

Jamie and Mike are also two of the most responsive people I have ever met. We are in the USA, so their ability to erase the five-hour time difference has been much appreciated.

Jeff Grody
President and Chief Executive Officer: EasyExport
Jeff Grody

Client Logos_Safran

'I thoroughly recommend 6teen30 Digital for any organization wanting to grow market share and revenues and grow quickly.

They invest time in getting to know each of their customers very well.

Their focus on all the moving parts that contribute to growth is awesome, they have a well-thought-through and tested methodology, and they really deliver.’

Richard Wood
Chief Executive Officer: Safran
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - RW

TSH - Sales Page - Testimonial_LFE Transport Logo

'I highly recommend these guys, I can honestly say we would have not achieved our success if it wasn't for Mike and his team.

Their ability to understand the immediate priorities and deliver growth and scale up programs that get results is outstanding, helping us scale up to £18m [from less than £1m] in revenue in five years!' which ultimately helped contribute to us achieving a successful exit in 2023.

Jason Buckley
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - JB

TSH - Sales Page - Testimonial_KeyFleet Logo

'From initially helping us understand our market and our place in it, creating a USP, branding, business strategy, client journey, and personal and staff development - 6teen30 Digital has been of immeasurable value to me personally and to the business.

They are a huge reason behind our success in turning KeyFleet from a Ford to Ferrari which also resulted in us being acquired, If you get the chance to work with Mike you won't regret it.'

Marc Mcloughlin
Managing Director: KeyFleet
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - MM

CorkSol Logo

'We began working with 6teen30 Digital at the start of our Company's life and journey. The level of detail in terms of the research and campaigns put together was significantly better than we initially expected and ensured we came out of the blocks at a fantastic rate.  I have no doubt that without this we would not be where we are today. 

A great team who went out of their way to deliver results, over and above those initially planned.'

Joff Ward
Managing Director: CorkSol UK
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - JW

'Mike's ability and experience are second to none, he has a unique manner that I can only admire and attempt to copy. His solutions and advice for our sales and marketing was a key factor in my success and subsequent successful exit for me.

I could not have done it without him and his team at 6teen30 Digital, I will be eternally grateful for his friendship, support, and genius!'

Simon Doderer
Senior Recruiter: Microsoft
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - SD

The Bear Trail

'Mike’s knowledge of the SaaS, finance & leasing sector is very impressive. He and his team have an excellent ability to seek out new products and services, even in mature market sectors.

The team is meticulous in marketing and sales delivery and successfully delivering GTM strategies. Finally, their passion and commitment to any project or client are beyond question.'

Philip R Jordan
Non-Exec Director: The Bear Trail
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - PJ

TSH - Sales Page - Testimonial_Mix & Twist Logo

'I would highly recommend Mike and his team at 6teen30 Digital for anyone wanting to up their game and take their business to the next growth or scale up level.'

Lucy Barrow
Marketing Director: Mix & Twist
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - LB
Fractional RevOps GTM - #RevOpsLife