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LF&E Case Study 

A £200k turnaround to a high growth £18m market leader in just over 5yrs, with successful exit,
complimented with a National TCS&D Award Winner Accreditation.

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About LF&E
Refrigerated Transport

LF&E are a privately owned specialist nationwide refrigerated transport company who are transforming temperature controlled logistics with a customer first approach.

With an on demand service including same day service specialising in the medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and home care patient deliveries and critical cargo industries.

Read how we assisted the executive management team to undertake a business critical turnaround, with supporting growth strategy after they lost a major contract.

Resulting in driving revenues up from £200k to almost £18m in six years, establishing LF&E as a market leader with a national network of MHRA temperature controlled storage and distribution centres.  

The Challenge

LF&E were unfortunate to lose a contract through no fault of their own that contributed to a significant amount of their turnover from a leading patient home care pharma company, as it restructured its operation and took in house many logistics services.

LF&E were faced with two choices, either close down the business or undertake a restructure turnaround with a new business growth strategy.

The situation looked bleak:

  • 60 Staff Employed

  • 70 Vehicles On Fleet

  • 5 Depots Nationwide

  • Hemorrhaging Cash

  • Nominal Client Revenue Income 

  • Weak Online Presence

  • Low Level New Business Marketing & Sales Strategy 

For many, the obvious choice was to close the business, salvage what was left and take stock. However the executive management team were adamant that they would explore the options and decided on a turnaround, despite the major sacrifices that had to be made.

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The Process

After meeting with the executive management team, LF&E recognised they had a tremendous set of assets and high quality service reputation, it just needed restructuring and then a growth, marketing and sales strategy to attract new clients in the lucrative pharmaceutical temperature controlled logistics sector.

The turnaround initially involved downscaling the staff, operations supply chain overhead and moving back into a small serviced single office to build a baseline for the growth strategy to begin.

The strategy started to take shape that included:

Pharma and Patient Home Care Market Assessment
Stage 1
Business, Finance, Operations and People Modelling
Stage 2
Brand Upgrade & Channel Position Modelling
Stage 3
Persona Development with New Critical Cargo & Pharma Services Defined
Stage 4
New Inbound Marketing, Sales and Client Management Strategies developed to drive client acquisition and retention
Stage 5
New market assessment and ABM targeting strategy
Stage 6
A new online web presence built to reflect the USP
Stage 7

The new strategy provided a structured growth track that provided confidence to re enter the market and win business knowing it would be profitable.

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The Results

In any turnaround, initial decisions were hard, especially about downscaling the driver and office administration team.  LF&E are a loyal organisation however it produced positive results in the medium to long term with many of the staff base returning to work again for LF&E when it started its recruitment drive.

The 2021 Growth Plan that started in 2016 provided a five year expansion and growth strategy to include:

  • New targeted client accounts in both pharma and critical cargo dry freight services

  • Improved service delivery and logistics packages through paragon routing increasing efficiency, service levels and profitability

  • Expansion of 5 regional depots including a Midlands based National distribution centre 

  • Entrance to the MHRA Temperature Controlled Storage and warehousing marketplace increasing revenues beyond just logistics and providing a seamless service from collection, storage through to delivery.

  • Adoption of new Metafour operations and client booking system

A new growth driven design website development, Inbound Marketing, Sales, ABM and Client Services modules were employed to generate qualified Inbound leads, to support the outbound efforts of ABM through linkedIn and direct campaigns.

See how LF&E can assist with your MHRA temperature controlled logistics, storage and distribution services.

National Recognition Award Winners

The TCS&D awards is the only event its kind in the UK, and is the grand stage where businesses are recognised for their achievements in temperature controlled storage and distribution. We are proud to have won the prestigious TCS&D 'Home Delivery Operator of The Year Award' in 2017.

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Key Outcomes

LF&E restructured into a more resilient business with less reliance on individual clients.

Through a targeted focus on ABM strategies to key accounts, it was able to win more profitable larger scale accounts quickly.

With the Inbound marketing and ABM sales strategies supporting its new online web presence, revenues increased to £18m, in just over 5 years from what could be classed as a standing start that resulted in a success exit for the management team in 2023.

With an increasing reputation as national award winners at the TCS&D with the flagship 'Home Delivery Operator of The Year Award' under its belt, LF&E within just 15 months of the turnaround starting, was able to capitalise on opportunities in the market to expand into new services and cover the UK to provide a market leading solution.

This expansion included MHRA temperature controlled storage facilities that increased revenues and client satisfaction with a full service logistics and storage solutions offering.


National Network Coverage


Revenue Growth in 5 Years

TSH - Sales Page - Testimonial_LFE Transport Logo

'I highly recommend these guys, I can honestly say we would have not achieved our success if it wasn't for Mike and his team.

Their ability to understand the immediate priorities and deliver growth and scale up programs that get results is outstanding, helping us scale up to £12m in revenue in less than five years!'

Jason Buckley
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