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6teen30 Digital - KeyFleet Case Study

KeyFleet Case Study
A repositioned online broker to a national independent fleet service leader that tripled its revenues

6teen30 Digital - KeyFleet Case Study - Logo

About KeyFleet

KeyFleet is an independent market leader in full service fleet management, a BVRLA Approved vehicle leasing brokerage backed by the leading finance houses in the United Kingdom.

Serving primarily the business fleet operator they are dedicated to serve clients through knowledgeable, highly skilled and friendly team from software solutions to fully managed fleets and risk management. 

Read how we assisted their executive management team to transform their small three person online brokerage into a national leading independent fleet management company tripling their revenues.

6teen30 Digital - KeyFleet Case Study - The Road To Success

The Challenge

Like many online leasing brokers, margins are constantly being pressured with the client's attitude of "cheapest price wins" often being the deciding factor on who wins the order at great detriment to KeyFleets service focused approach.

KeyFleet found it almost impossible to scale:

  • With a single cheapest price point leasing service
  • Which was dependent on other third parties
  • With no direct funding relationships
  • Supported by a fractured process high in administration and low in margin
  • Confusing messaging

The lack of strategy saw the KeyFleet team slipping further and further behind the leaders, who could buy in greater volumes, thus lowering their cost price and ultimately out price KeyFleet on leasing rentals.  With no alternative solutions KeyFleet were relying on winning business from a smaller sector of local companies where they could meet face to face.

The Process

Starting with a full business and market strategy assessment, the process to reposition KeyFleet began. Primarily with an objective to provide more value to the client and increase client lifetime value from each order.

The strategy started to take shape that included:

  • Business and Finance Modelling
  • Brand Upgrade & Chanelling
  • Persona development with New Aftersales Services 
  • Direct funding relationships secured
  • Marketing, Sales and Client management Strategies Developed to drive the growth and client retention
The new positioning removed keyFleet from the dominant leasing brokers aggressive price only approach, by opening up larger markets who demanded a more service focus approach over just price, delivered through multiple services where margins could be spread offering increased value to the client whilst increasing margins for KeyFleet.

The Results 

The strategic process yielded a new vision and mission driven by a client focused multi product line closer to bank owned leasing providers that created a unique differentiator and additional revenue streams in the mid market sector.

The new service line included

  • Fleet Management
  • Daily Rental
  • Maintenance
  • Risk management
  • Fleet software
  • Managed Fleet Supply

The new arsenal of market leading fleet services encapsulated the products into one simple management tool that companies without a fleet manager loved and could understand without jargon.

KeyFleet were approved by the BVRLA [British Vehicle Rental & leasing Association] and secured direct funding relationships with previously unattainable providers such as Lex, Arval and other mainstream intermediary wheeled asset finance companies.

With a national UK service network covering everything from vehicle service and maintenance, tyres, accident management, rental supported by a fully operational driver helpline KeyFleet quickly outgrew its old offices and generated new employment in its local area.  The team of three became seventeen in 4 short years with revenues over three times its original return.

Inbound Marketing, Sales and Client Services modules were employed to generate qualified Inbound leads, to support the #LeaseLocal outbound efforts through local representation and networking events.

See how KeyFleet can assist you to lower your fleet operating costs and increase your risk compliance with happier drivers at keyfleet.co.uk

Key Outcomes

Client profiles moved away from single personal and micro fleets that replaced vehicles once every three to four years, to small and medium fleets with up to 100 vehicles who changed 30+ vehicles per annum, and purchased after sales services to compliment their vehicle leases.

With its new client focused range of solutions, revenues increased over 300%, client lifetime value rocketed over 100% and the demand to service the new clients required a new office location to accommodate a whole new service team creating 15 new jobs for the local community.

Revenue Growth
Client Lifetime Value Increase
New Jobs Created

'The Growth Engine system has helped KeyFleet transform from
a Ford to Ferrari'

'Mike and his team has had more positive influence on our business and its development than anyone else outside of the directors. 

From initially helping us understand our market and our place in it, creating a USP, branding, business strategy, client journey, personal and staff development Mike and his team has been of immeasurable value to me personally and to the business.

I feel that Mike's direct assistance and beyond the clock dedication is a huge reason behind our success turning KeyFleet from a Ford to Ferrari and we couldn't have done it without Mike.

If you get the chance to work with Mike you won't regret it.'
Marc McLoughlin - Managing Director

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6teen30 Digital - KeyFleet Case Study - Marc Mcloughlin

Mike's ability and experience is second to none, he has a unique manner which I can only admire and attempt to copy.

His solutions and advice for our sales and marketing was a key factor in the success and subsequent successful exit for me. I could not have done it without him and will be eternally grateful for his friendship, support, and genius!


Simon Doderer
Senior Recruiter, Microsoft

Mike’s knowledge of the automotive & leasing sector is very impressive. He has an excellent ability to seek out new products and services even in a mature market sector. He then is meticulous in the marketing delivery and route to market. Finally, his passion and commitment to any project are beyond question.

Philip R Jordan
Non-Exec Director, The Bear Trail

Mike's Growth Engine system has helped KeyFleet transform from a Ford to Ferrari and we couldn't have done it without Mike. If you get the chance to work with Mike you won't regret it.

I feel that Mike's direct assistance and beyond the clock dedication to myself and KeyFleet is a huge reason behind our success.

Marc Mcloughlin Bio

Marc McLoughlin
Managing Director, KeyFleet

I highly recommend these guys, I can honestly say we would have not achieved our success if it wasn't for Mike and his team. Their ability to understand the immediate priorities and deliver programs that get results!
Jason Buckley Bio Pic

Jason Buckley
Managing Director, LF&E

I would highly recommend Mike and his team for anyone wanting to up their game and take their business to the next level.
Lucy Barrow Bio Pic

Lucy Barrow
Marketing Director, Mix & Twist

Success stories require action to be taken!

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