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2020 Masterclass Schedule
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2020 Workshop Schedule
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Growth Engine Process - 6teen30 Digital

Growth Engine Process

A structured and proven 7 stage framework, from onboarding through to performance reviews, heres what you can expect

Growth Engine Framework Onboarding

Welcome home, we've been expecting you

We know you are excited to get started and dive right into your Growth Engine, before we do here's what you can expect from onboarding.

These first steps are a critical foundation of our partnership to ensure we start out correctly on the path to success.

Sales to Client Handoff

Your sales consultant will stay actively involved over the first 30 days and will schedule a debrief meeting internally.

Your sales consultant will then host the first meeting where you will be introduced to your personal client success hero who will be your key contact for the deliverables of your account.

Key Stakeholders

The key stakeholders for our partnership will be introduced from both companies along with training for systems being scheduled.

Individual meetings will also be scheduled for the first 90 days to increase the focus of completing the onboarding and strategic elements required to deliver your projects.

Key Milestones & Critical Success Factors

Each key stakeholder will be invited to your personalised project management system and slack channel, with key milestones agreed for the first onboarding and strategic modules. Every client has different Critical Success Factors [CSF's] and the SMART goals that were identified through the sales process. 

To ensuring expectations are aligned, the CSF's with their associated milestones are identified up front and central, then added to specific reporting and review meetings so all stakeholders are driving towards the same goals and schedule.

Onboarding Management & Feedback

Nothing less than 100% satisfaction throughout onboarding is acceptable to us.  Throughout the first month a minimum of two weekly review calls are scheduled to maintain the schedule and measure onboarding success.

Post onboarding completion, a survey is sent to all stakeholders to request feedback as part of our continuous development and improvement commitment.

Let's Talk

Project Management

With real time communication and audit tracking


The System

Your project will be fully built inside Click-Up project management system, with each module clearly broken down into stages, allocated to a stakeholder with individually assigned tasks and scheduled deadlines.


Time Tracked Accountability

For all key stakeholders, time on tasks can be tracked and costed for transparency. This ensures progress and time is correctly focussed on the right tasks to ensure project success. 



The Click-up system is integrated with Slack, the worlds number 1 workplace communication tool ensuring that seamless integration of messages allowing all stakeholders to be notified where required, but also to ensure full visibility is available.


Audited Deliverables with Approval

Each project deliverable piece will require your electronic signature before it is scheduled allowing you to stay in control.  A fully auditable and tracked client sign off process ensures work is published when you are 100% satisfied.

The 7 Stage Growth Engine Roadmap

Watch this short video to learn more about each of the 7 stages of the Growth Engine roadmap.

Building Your Strategy

The first 60 days we undertake four key strategic workshops  to build your Inbound Digital Strategy as the foundation for future campaigns and to reposition your company for online success.

  • Audit Analysis Workshop
  • Fast Track Workshop
  • Entrepreneur Focus
  • Power of Alignment Workshop

Download and learn more about our 7 Stage Growth Engine Framework and the four Digital Strategy workshops here.

Download Framework
6teen30 - 7 Stage Growth Engine Framework - No Space

GamePlans & Playbooks

Delivering your strategy to the world through conversion focussed campaigns


Get Stuff Done

It's time to bring your Digital Strategy via the GamePlans & Playbooks to life.

Our team of qualified and highly experienced Inbound technicians design, build and assemble your assets and campaigns with thorough internal testing.

  • Flywheel
  • Assemble
  • Campaigns
  • TEST!


Starting with a quality control approach, followed by your e-signature approval we build your go-live schedule and content calendar and launch your campaigns.

The gap between 'the idea' and 'successful implementation' is bridged. 
We have lift off!

  • Quality Control 
  • Approve
  • Schedule



Playbook Manager

Each Month, your team of Inbound Specialists create new content, manage and optimise your existing Inbound campaigns.

With live Databox dashboards streaming real time results across key metrics, you can measure your success.

  • Create
  • Manage
  • Optimise
Growth Engine Process - Inbound Analytics

Data Analytics

Each month we meet to set new objectives and review current campaign performance from your live stream Databox and HubSpot dashboard and performance reports.

It's all about results, to set expectations we learn from every campaign, whilst some will be wildly successful, others will need optimising or restructuring.  
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