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Inbound Sales

Empower your sales team to sell in a humanistic and helpful way that converts more prospects and generates more profit  

The Inbound
Sales Methodology 

Inbound sales is designed to empower your sales team through a structured sales process aligned with the buyer's journey to maximise closed won deals.  Inbound Sales Services span across four core areas of 

  • CRM Implementation
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Sales Enablement
  • Sales Coaching

Enjoy spending your day attracting new leads and growing your pipeline by engaging with prospects who are ready to have a meaningful sales conversation with you.

View more on our unlimited, no contract monthly rolling Inbound Sales Retainer Inclusions.

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6teen30 Digital - Inbound Sales
6teen30 Digital - Inbound Sales - Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing
Increase Traffic, Leads & Conversions
6teen30 Digital - Inbound Sales - Inbound Service
Inbound Service
Create Raving Fans Who Buy Again & Refer You
6teen30 Digital - Inbound Sales - Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy
Create The Foundation For Your Inbound Success

The Sales Process

Designed Around The Buyers Journey

As an Inbound sales adopter your sales process is custom built around the buyers journey and is designed to support the prospective client through their own self designed buying journey that is split into three stages of: 

  • Awareness Stage
  • Consideration Stage
  • Decision Stage

As an Inbound Sales pro your new sales process will address four key stages of Identify, Connect, Explore, and Advise to build relationship and nurture MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) into opportunities and eventually converting them into happy clients.

6teen30 Digital - Inbound Sales - Inbound Flywheel
6teen30 Digital - Inbound Sales - Inbound Flywheel Sales Stages

Inbound Sales Stages

The four actions required to sell the Inbound way

Buyers don't want to be prospected, demo'd or closed in your sales process, they want to be educated, supported and guided through their own buying process. Inbound Sales Pros tailor their quotes and presentations to the buyer’s context using the four key actions

  • Identify
  • Connect
  • Explore 
  • Advise

Start to focus on effectively advising your prospect on the next steps they should take to validate and get their commitment to move forward.

Inbound Sales Actions 

Essential actions to become an Inbound sales organisation

  • Understand the fine details of your buyer's journey 
  • Create your sales process to support the buyers journey
  • Target your perfect prospective clients and create their buyer persona
  • Ensure you prospecting outreach message is of a helpful [not of a sales focused] nature
  • Adopt a video message culture throughout your sales messages
  • Build a library of customised questions to identify their pain and find the gap
  • Personalise every presentation that satisfies the gap and solves their pain

Ready to employ Inbound Sales and win more profitable clients? Schedule a consultation with one of our Inbound Sales Experts.

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6teen30 Digital - Inbound Sales - Inbound Sales Enablement

The Growth Engine Inbound System

Benefit from a fully managed client-centric Inbound solution provided under a partnership style relationship, ensuring your inbound investment works harder to deliver measurable results against pre-identified SMART goals.

Let's Talk

Sell How Your Buyers Buy

Comparison of Outbound Sales Pros vs Inbound Sales Pros

Outbound Sales Pro's

  • Traditional outbound sales pros employ cold outreach efforts and pitch a standardised statement
  • Qualifying on budget, they switch into a presentation style if the prospect starts to express interest
  • Focus on their own sales agenda using discounts to motivate the prospect into buying. 
  • In many cases they are unaware of the buyer's journey and at what stage they are currently in.

Inbound Sales Pro's

  • Inbound sales pros act as a trusted advisor building trust at each stage as they adapt to the prospects online conversations
  • They make contact through qualified personalised messages. and as interest increases, they switch into a more helpful exploratory style.
  • Each presentation is unique to meet the needs and they adjust their sales process prioritise active buyers and mirror the prospects own buying journey.

Just Some Of The Unlimited Services Included In Your
Inbound Sales Retainer

Strategy, Persona &
Buyers Journey

Our team of Inbound specialists will create your inbound sales strategy, create personas to meet their buying journey across all three stages of awareness, consideration and decision stages.

GamePlans, Sales & Marketing Alignment

To execute the strategy shared goals between sales and marketing are adopted, a series of GamePlans and Playbooks are created to deliver your sales process across the Identify, Connect, Explore and Advise stages.

Prospecting & Presentation Assets

To fuel the sales process framework, it requires targeted and personalised qualification, messaging, videos and presentation assets to deliver at each stage to support your team.

Sales Enablement
Content Creation

A great Inbound Sales process provides pdf, webinar, video and web documents with persuasive content to support the sales process at awareness, consideration and decision stages.

HubSpot Development
& CRM Implementation

HubSpot Sales Pro development, from pipelines, deals, lead scoring and CRM development with automated sequences and workflows, in CRM calling - all taken care of and updated with content and presentation assets.

Inbound Sales Coaching

An Inbound Sales organisation requires staged implementation, included in your Inbound Sales Retainer is coaching and project management to ensure your new Inbound Sales transformation is seamless and effective.

Inbound Sales Retainers & Pricing

See all the inclusive services you benefit from through an Inbound Sales Retainer. 

Download our Packages and Pricing to learn more and claim your 'Get Started With Inbound Sales Incentive' 

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6teen30 Digital - Inbound Sales Pricing

Mike's ability and experience is second to none, he has a unique manner which I can only admire and attempt to copy.

His solutions and advice for our sales and marketing was a key factor in the success and subsequent successful exit for me. I could not have done it without him and will be eternally grateful for his friendship, support, and genius!


Simon Doderer
Senior Recruiter, Microsoft

Mike’s knowledge of the automotive & leasing sector is very impressive. He has an excellent ability to seek out new products and services even in a mature market sector. He then is meticulous in the marketing delivery and route to market. Finally, his passion and commitment to any project are beyond question.

Philip R Jordan
Non-Exec Director, The Bear Trail

Mike's Growth Engine system has helped KeyFleet transform from a Ford to Ferrari and we couldn't have done it without Mike. If you get the chance to work with Mike you won't regret it.

I feel that Mike's direct assistance and beyond the clock dedication to myself and KeyFleet is a huge reason behind our success.

Marc Mcloughlin Bio

Marc McLoughlin
Managing Director, KeyFleet

I highly recommend these guys, I can honestly say we would have not achieved our success if it wasn't for Mike and his team. Their ability to understand the immediate priorities and deliver programs that get results!
Jason Buckley Bio Pic

Jason Buckley
Managing Director, LF&E

I would highly recommend Mike and his team for anyone wanting to up their game and take their business to the next level.
Lucy Barrow Bio Pic

Lucy Barrow
Marketing Director, Mix & Twist

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