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RevOps as a Service,
Fully Managed GamePlan

Fully managed [ROaaS] RevOps as a Service retainer, executing your GamePlan
to optimize your revenue generation throughout the entire customer journey. 

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Pro RevOps Team & Investment Options

Our RevOps team serves as a cost-effective alternative to recruiting / training employees internally, acting as an extension of your organization with CapEx-based or ROaaS options.

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Strategic Direction &
Managed Execution

Our team of 35+ RevOps pro's provides you with expert guidance, premium quality work, and a partnership approach, all while eliminating disparate teams and systems.

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Scale Up Success & Revenue Growth

Focus on your business, expect to see significant improvements in efficiency, effectiveness, and revenue growth throughout the customer journey as your GamePlan come to life.

RevOps as a Service is a must-have for high-growth and scale-up organizations

Our ROaaS fully managed retainer solution ensures your business stays dynamic by implementing your GamePlan, laying the foundation for daily services.

With flexible essentials and strategic demand generation approach, along with professional account and project management, you drive revenue growth from outcomes, not just deliverables.

Explore our ROaaS managed retainer service to learn more. 

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ROaaS Core Elements


The ROaaS Core Elements is a standard and fixed service providing a framework for professional project and account management, plus reviews and reporting. 

  • Real-Time:  Databox Reporting 
  • Day To Day: Primary Account Manager & Support Team
  • Weekly:  Project progress assessment check-in
  • Monthly: Strategic Session, project assessment of the quarter's initiatives.
  • Quarterly: Strategic Session, performance review/optimization and proactive planning for the following two quarters
  • Annually:  Strategic Session, annual performance review (includes 4th Quarter review elements) 
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ROaaS Essential Elements

Fixed & Flex

The ROaaS Essential Elements requires mandatory monthly time input to create essential deliverables for each revenue operation area.

This ensures the foundations are built and progress is made each month and quarter to support the velocity needed to achieve the smart goals.

  • Essential Web: GDD Development & Optimization
  • Essential Systems: CRM & Data, Deal, Pipeline, Knowledge base update and cleanse
  • Essential Marketing: Blog Content, SEO, Social, PR, Thought Leadership, Paid Search/Social, 
  • Essential Sales: Blog Content, Sales Document Optimization, Email & Sales Copy, Testimonials, 
  • Essential Client Success: Product Updates, NPS and CSAT Surveys, Client Success Promo, New Knowledge Base Articles


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ROaaS Strategic Demand Gen Elements 


The ROaaS Strategic Demand Gen Elements is a flexible area that focuses on ensuring key revenue growth campaigns are created and launched. 

Measured against the quarter or wider annual objectives and smart goals., each quarter a strategic campaign initiative will be focused on specific revenue growth outcomes required to achieve the P&L OKRs.

  • Demand Gen Web: GDD Development Page / Conversion updates
  • Demand Gen Systems: Tech Stack Optimization and CRO
  • Demand Gen Marketing: Lead Gen Campaign, Events Promotions, New Product Led Growth launches
  • Demand Gen Sales: ABM Campaigns, Pipeline nurture sequences
  • Demand Gen Client Success: Video case studies, Client success campaign, X Sell, UpSell, Advocacy nurture/voice of the customer campaign

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Multi-Language & Global Upgrade

The ROaaS Multi-Language & Global Upgrade is an optional paid CAPEX and retainer solution that can be added to the ROaaS retainer. Ideal for organizations that operate globally in different languages. 

All base ROaaS retainers are delivered in a 'Base English Language' - the service includes a linguist scoping your globalization needs and what assets require replication to add Latin or Non-Latin Script languages.

With an agreed scope, a local linguist and transcreation specialist will re-create the assets and campaigns in your desired region.

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Velocity Based
Retainer Range

Your RevOps strategic GamePlan identifies the retainer velocity investment level required.

Each ROaaS retainer is custom prescribed to your SMART Goals and focused on outcomes, therefore the bigger the gap between the starting and endpoints, essentially determines what velocity of retainer range is required. 

There are three velocity levels we usually find to satisfy almost all bespoke solutions, depending on how fast and in which direction your GamePlan recommends. As a guide, your ROaaS retainer investment will be quoted against one of these ranges.

  • Velocity 1: Range 40-80 hrs p/m
  • Velocity 2: Range 81-120 hrs p/m
  • Velocity 3: Range 121-175 hrs p/m 
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Invest In Your ROaaS Retainer

Choose from three velocity ranges with a minimum 12 month term RevOps as a Service fully managed retainer solution, check out with Stripe safely and securely. 

Fully Managed Implementation

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Fully Managed Implementation

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Flexible Agile Approach

Your GamePlan is pre-planned into our agency's quarterly milestones, monthly scrums, and weekly 'get stuff done' sprints. 

This agile approach ensures implementation milestones are met in the estimated velocity range.

Your ROaaS account manager looks after QC, feedback rounds, and your digital sign-off prior to go live releases.

Qualified Agency Team

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Over 35+ RevOps Pros
On Your Team

Our team of qualified RevOps pro's covers all key roles from account management, and production specialists like SEO, HubSpot, content creation, lead generation, and analytics through to optimization and C Suite consulting.

You will be required to employ/utilize an internal team member (a Revops champion) - our day-to-day contact and one that can work tactically and maintain the HubSpot CRM hygiene.

Implementation Timeline

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Foundations to Revenue Scale

A typical RevOps Journey and GamePlan implementation depends on your organization’s complexity and internal resources and ranges from 12-36 months. Each stage is undertaken in 12-month segments. 

  • Stage 1: Year 1: Build & Launch The Foundations

  • Stage 2: Year 2: Focus, Target, Optimize & Scale the GamePlan

  • Stage 3: Year 3: Scale Higher All Key Operations & Activities

Scale Smarter by Design

In this Business Leader’s Guide to RevOps for Scale Up Success, learn how high growth or scale up success rarely happens by chance.

It happens by design. RevOps is a smarter way to get you there.

Scale with Confidence & Grow Revenue through Every Stage of Your Customer Journey

Just some of the benefits of adopting Revenue Operations and implementing your GamePlan with our fully managed ROaaS retainer.

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GamePlan Clarity

Get GamePlan clarity and implementation confidence with our RevOps pros managing and executing against your SMART Goals.

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Professional Project Management

Stay on schedule with three key stage implementation stages, distilled into bite-sized quarterly projects, professionally project managed in monthly scrums and bi-weekly "get stuff done' sprints.

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Full RevOps Pro Team

Our qualified RevOps pro's have implemented hundreds of projects and know your GamePlan inside out, ensuring we keep your implementation on schedule and within budget.

Your SaaS / Service Organization

Serious about scaling up?, the importance of ending silos, and aligning your teams, tech, and processes to serve your client throughout their journey to increase revenue has never been as important.

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Faster Revenue Growth with RevOps

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More Profit with

Ready to experience ScaleUp Velocity with RevOps, simply choose a date and time that is convenient for you.
Meet Mike, your RevOps Strategist!

Let’s talk about transforming your ideas into scale-up success, schedule a 30-minute discovery call today.



Client Testimonials

I recommend 6teen30 to anyone who needs a marketing agency that will not only drive the bus, but also map out the route and point out the significant landmarks.

With 6teen30, one gets a highly talented and professional marketing team – plus Mike’s strategic direction. Mike’s recommendations for structuring our first promotion were so successful at bringing in new customers that I have adopted the same technique to closing every sale.

Beyond Mike, the rest of the team is incredibly dedicated to their work and delightful to work with. Jamie coordinates them like the experienced maestro he is, ensuring the delivery of intricately structured campaigns with every piece in place.

Jamie and Mike are also two of the most responsive people I have ever met. We are in the USA, so their ability to erase the five-hour time difference has been much appreciated.

Jeff Grody
President and Chief Executive Officer, EasyExport
Jeff Grody

Client Logos_Safran

'I thoroughly recommend 6teen30 Digital for any organization wanting to grow market share and revenues and grow quickly.

They invest time in getting to know each of their customers very well.

Their focus on all the moving parts that contribute to growth is awesome, they have a well-thought-through and tested methodology, and they really deliver.’

Richard Wood
CEO: Safran
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - RW

TSH - Sales Page - Testimonial_LFE Transport Logo

'I highly recommend these guys, I can honestly say we would have not achieved our success if it wasn't for Mike and his team.

Their ability to understand the immediate priorities and deliver growth and scale up programs that get results is outstanding, helping us scale up to £12m in revenue in less than five years!'

Jason Buckley
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - JB

TSH - Sales Page - Testimonial_KeyFleet Logo

'From initially helping us understand our market and our place in it, creating a USP, branding, business strategy, client journey, and personal and staff development - 6teen30 Digital has been of immeasurable value to me personally and to the business.

They are a huge reason behind our success in turning KeyFleet from a Ford to Ferrari which also resulted in us being acquired, If you get the chance to work with Mike you won't regret it.'

Marc Mcloughlin
Managing Director: KeyFleet
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - MM

CorkSol Logo

'We began working with 6teen30 Digital at the start of our Company's life and journey. The level of detail in terms of the research and campaigns put together was significantly better than we initially expected and ensured we came out of the blocks at a fantastic rate.  I have no doubt that without this we would not be where we are today. 

A great team who went out of their way to deliver results, over and above those initially planned.'

Joff Ward
Managing Director: CorkSol UK
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - JW

'Mike's ability and experience are second to none, he has a unique manner that I can only admire and attempt to copy. His solutions and advice for our sales and marketing was a key factor in my success and subsequent successful exit for me.

I could not have done it without him and his team at 6teen30 Digital, I will be eternally grateful for his friendship, support, and genius!'

Simon Doderer
Senior Recruiter: Microsoft
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The Bear Trail

'Mike’s knowledge of the SaaS, finance & leasing sector is very impressive. He and his team have an excellent ability to seek out new products and services, even in mature market sectors.

The team is meticulous in marketing and sales delivery and successfully delivering GTM strategies. Finally, their passion and commitment to any project or client are beyond question.'

Philip R Jordan
Non-Exec Director: The Bear Trail
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - PJ

TSH - Sales Page - Testimonial_Mix & Twist Logo

'I would highly recommend Mike and his team at 6teen30 Digital for anyone wanting to up their game and take their business to the next growth or scale up level.'

Lucy Barrow
Marketing Director: Mix & Twist
6t30 - Website Testimonials - Bio - LB
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