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RevOps for the CRO

What RevOps Means for Your Organisation

Revenue Operations, or RevOps, aligns Marketing, Sales and
Service strategies and activity within your organisation
to maximise sales, increase revenue, and grow faster.

630 - RevOps Stats Icons - Blue_More Deals Closed

38% More
Deals Closed

By companies with aligned revenue support (source: HubSpot)

630 - RevOps Stats Icons - Blue_More Marketing Revenues

208% More
Marketing Revenue

Achieved when companies align marketing, sales and service to unified targets (source: HubSpot)

630 - RevOps Stats Icons - Blue_Higher Stock Performance

71% Higher
Stock Performance

In public companies using RevOps

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Why Astute CROs are Turning to RevOps

The world is changing - and fast. Organisations face challenges around staying lean, flexible and agile. Making hybrid working, digital transformation and sales enablement happen.

Old-style aggressive selling is out. Helping buyers to buy when they’re ready is in. Failure to adapt could leave you behind the competition.

Serve your prospects by providing the right information at the right time. Break down those team silos.

The astute CRO understands that if they can get Sales and Marketing working better together (and connect both better with Client Services), performance and results are going to improve.

Enter RevOps.

How 6teen30 Digital Supports RevOps Revenue Growth Success

A specialist HubSpot RevOps Growth Agency since 2016, we help growth-focused clients in implementing inbound digital strategies and campaigns into their Marketing, Sales and Client Service teams.

We help CROs and organisations to serve prospects and customers well - with the right people, processes and tools. Align Marketing and Sales. Reduce sales cycle friction. Accelerate performance.

Strategy, collaboration and lead engagement campaigns. Buyer profiles, MQLs and SQLs, lead stages, CRM and sales systems, and content plan. All sorted.

Let 6teen30 Digital build your Marketing, Sales and Client Service success, with unique Growth Engine GamePlans, and go full power RevOps.

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What You Can Expect from RevOps

There are many strong reasons for employing RevOps. It is designed to:

  • Align Sales and Marketing for better performance

  • End ‘silo mentality’ and make all teams accountable to revenue, not just Sales

  • Deliver a faster sales cycle and higher win rates

  • Enable sales teams to serve prospects and customers in a more personalised way

  • Drive decision-making with accurate data and analytics

  • Optimise automation and streamline processes to improve efficiency

  • Produce more predictable revenue and deliver stronger performance.

According to HubSpot research, companies with aligned revenue support grow 19% faster and are 15% more profitable.

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11 Essential Inbound Strategies for Smashing Sales Targets with Rev Ops

In this guide learn how to enable your salespeople to close more deals, faster and easier and how to pull off aggressive sales targets and perform above the odds.

Aligning the C-Suite

RevOps is designed to deliver alignment within the C-Suite and across the organisation.

Explore our summaries of how RevOps (and the 6teen30 Digital team) supports each executive role to achieve stronger, faster and more profitable growth.

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Discover how RevOps helps the ambitious CEO create a road map of certainty to drive through a world of uncertainty.

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Discover how RevOps can help your CMO to deliver class-leading marketing success to deliver sustainable growth, performance and profitability.

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The CFO is always looking to achieve growth and raise ROI. Adopting a RevOps approach is an astute way to deliver the goods.

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The dynamic COO is challenged to deliver operational capacity, agility, adaptability, efficiency and performance. Here is how RevOps helps with all that.

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Find out more about how RevOps helps the CIO  to over deliver on efficiency, performance and growth for the team.

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For the customer-centric CTO, RevOps will be a great match. It’s a way to leaner efficiency, improved agile performance and more satisfied customers.

Ready to experience ScaleUp Velocity with RevOps, simply choose a date and time that is convenient for you.
Meet Mike, your RevOps Strategist!

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